NHEA is an initiative of Global Health Project and Resources in Partnership with Anadach group. The award is designed to celebrate distinguished personalities and organizations who have contributed immensely to the growth of the Nigerian health sector.

NHEA started in 2014 and has since become a high profile event in the healthcare industry, gaining wide acceptance from stakeholders in the healthcare community, public and private sectors.

NHEA’s recognition aims to stimulate quality improvement and innovation in the Nigerian health sector leading to improved service delivery & management of key health issues and the capacity of individuals to influence and set new performance standards in Nigeria & beyond.

Award Focus

The Award will focus on:

  • Elevated performance
  • The creation of new business models
  • Recognising and embracing new trends
  • Market leadership and inspirational performance
  • Excellent service delivery

Our Vision

To be the Most Reputable and Credible Healthcare Awards in the Nigeria Health care Space.

Our Mission

To provide a virile platform for proper recognition, rewarding and celebration of successes, innovations, growths and excellence in Nigeria’s Health Sector.

Aims & Objectives

  • To recognize excellence in healthcare delivery.
  • Provide an opportunity for awardees’ achievements to be recognized.
  • Provide an opportunity for nominees and recipients to take a critical view and assess their operative modalities thus identifying challenges and inspiring the will to improve
  • Foster the will for continuous improvement in the operational process of nominees and recipients.
  • It will lead to increased sales and marketing opportunities with new customers, investors and partners. Attract investors, build partnerships, and increase sales volumes with good client base.
  • Recipients will enjoy publicity that will establish their reputation as proven provider of exemplary levels of services. Implement publicity strategies to help build a recipient’s reputation as the proven provider of exemplary services.
  • Facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices.
  • Suggest policy framework for achieving global standards of healthcare across the country.
  • Validate recipients’ efforts and give a vote of confidence that attracts and retains talent.
  • Provide a unique platform for networking and collaboration.